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1 What...?


Posted by Tyler Nobis on June 11, 2013

2 Hello forum members

Hello forum members

Posted by Michael Dawkings on February 18, 2014

3 Peacock Groove Bikes - Erik Noren

Peacock Groove Bikes - Erik Noren

Added by lostgears on November 4, 2009

4 Langster steel sitting on spinergy rev's

Langster steel sitting on spinergy rev's

Added by myk mariano on March 26, 2014

5 Clipless Shoe recommendations

Clipless Shoe recommendations

Posted by matt on March 23, 2014

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10 minutes ago
Rasmus Gade commented on Kenny Snyder's photo


"well thanks! I have spent way too much on both of my bikes! but it is worth it! I just love riding long trips fixed as it is a challenge... but we are as well only a small core of fixie people in my town as well... where as in the capital there are…"
5 hours ago
Kenny Snyder commented on Kenny Snyder's photo


"hey your bike is sick too.  Im just happy to have one.  where i live i'm like the only cat riding fixed gear.  Everybody gets all weirded out at the concept.  thanks bro "
10 hours ago
Rasmus Gade posted photos
eric o commented on Kenny Snyder's photo


"Nice build"
Rasmus Gade commented on Kenny Snyder's photo


"Sure thing! really want to see the progress ;)I better update mine as well :)"
Kenny Snyder commented on Kenny Snyder's photo


"Thanks man.  It definitely gets used.  I need to update my photos i have new wheels and gatorskins now."
Profile Iconschmitzkopf, Andy, Jason and 1 more joined Fixed Gear Republic | Fixed Gear Bikes Forum


Clipless Shoe recommendations

I have Look KEO easy's (going to upgrade to Classic's soon) with Specialized Sport Road shoes; they don't feel super tight when I skid nor are they the stiffest. One of my LBS has the S-works roads on sale for like $385 after taxes (normal is almost $100 more) or I can get the Sidi Carbon 5's for $260 at a different LBS.Any preferences to either?I can get the Mavic Avenge for like $200 but I'm not sure it's much of an upgrade from my currents Also, who here wears clipless and what shoes are you on? Continue


Can anyone advise a bicycle insurance company.

Hello!My bike has been stolen twice last year, once from a coffee shop and once from my backyard(it was chained to a fence but the fence is low and easy to jump over). So now I got a new bike and it is a really good and expensive one and I would hate if it got stolen. I researched the market for bicycle insurance and found out that two companies actually do provide this service. First one is Markel Insurance and the second one is Velosurance Bike Insurance.  There is also Spoke Insurance but I did not like their reviews. I got the quotes from both of them and their prices are almost the same for the same coverage options. The difference is really low so I want to ask if anyone dealt with any of these companies and could advise. I would like to know if they reject claims, how quick they are to process claims etc.Any input helps.Continue

Started by Michael Dawkings in PRODUCT / SERVICE RECCOMENDATIONS Feb 19.

Hello forum members 1 Reply

Hello. My name is Michael. I am 25 years old and is a cycling fan. I have 2 bikes. A road bike Cervelo R3 and a Mountain bike GIant Anthem X29Have fun everyone.Continue

Started by Michael Dawkings in INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Last reply by matt Mar 23.

Howzit Brah!

sup everybody. My name is nunya. hahahaha. nah but foreo you can call me new to dis bike scene but always wanted to ride. i was too fat (306lbs) and didnt want to get a bike till i dropped some weight. now that im a little lighter and the bike can handle my weight, im riding. i ride to lose weight but mostly cause its fun. my first night i rode 23 miles. now i try to pace myself. im looking for some fellow fixie riders on oahu to ride with, talk fixies and learn little more about this scene. mahalo for the ad (fixed gear republic).Aloha till bumbai.Continue

Started by Moke_On_Spoke in INTRODUCE YOURSELF Feb 15.

Hello! My name is Angelo

I'm 20 yrs old. I've only been riding a fixie for a couple days and it's been a little scary. But I think by now I'm getting used to it. The whole reason I joined FGR is to meet with other fixie riders who are new or maybe already have experience and want to ride, just for the heck of it. I'm not looking for anything really intense. I live in Fullerton, Ca. Also, if anybody could maybe point me to a group that is active that would be great! I mostly ride during the weekends when I have more free time. Continue

Tags: newb

Started by Angelo Calderon in INTRODUCE YOURSELF Nov 11, 2013.

Just another New Yorker! XD

How's it hangin', FGR? My name is Andrew and I'm a New York City bike messenger trying to connect with people who ride just like me. It's hard to do so here! I see like six people on track bikes riding together and wonder "how in the world do you find people to roll with like that?" All my friends have BMX, MTBs, Hybrids, and Cruisers and whatever... They're all afraid to even ride MY bike! As a fixed-gear brakeless freewheel-hating urban rider I need a crew that can keep up and is down for rides across the city. That's why I joined up. I'm looking for hardcore (or chillaxed, I don't mind!) fixie riders to call up, roll out with, and eat road-bikers and Citi bikers for breakfast. PLEASE don't be afraid to hit me up even if you live in the Bronx, man! I feel like home here; let's get up and tear down bike lanes people! We live with the cars here in the Big Apple!Continue

Started by Andrew Hernandez in INTRODUCE YOURSELF Sep 30, 2013.

Pricing for a Used Bianchi Pista Chrome

Bianchi Pista fixed gear track bike -- 51cmModern, minimal, well-styled Bianchi Pista--clean frame / all decals in good condition (fits 5'5"--5'8")Panracer whitewall tires with cream tread (new, with tire liners)Wood veneered Velocity Deep V rims and Velocity hubs (flip flop)Brooks saddleMKS track pedals & toe cagesRiser bars with cork grips (new) and front brake(Drop bars available with black tennis grip and lighted bar ends)48x18 medium-easy city gearingIs $600 a good price given the above specs for a used 2007 Bianchi Pista chrome?Continue

Started by Derrick in HELP! Sep 5, 2013.

New to fixed gear 1 Reply

Hi folks,I have been an avid cyclist for years and at the age of 50 fixed gear has caught my eye. I have been looking for a bike and have found two options. My LBS has a Fuji Track Classic. A very nice bike, not overly flashy but appears to be good value with the frame set and components. I have also considered some of the on-line mail order companies but I'm nervous about buying sight unseen.Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated.ThanksJeffBrantfordOntario, CanadaContinue

Started by Jeff Reinhart in INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Last reply by William I Sep 7, 2013.

Yo', everybody.

The name's Will and I've only been biking fixed for 2 months or so and am fairly new. I always ride downtown in San Diego and will be downtown until I return to university at UCSB in Goleta.I have my ride on my profile and if any one would be willing to critique, give me tips, hit me up to ride together, or even drop by on the comments to say hi, feel free to do so. (:Continue

Tags: goleta, ucsb, barbara, santa, diego

Started by William I in INTRODUCE YOURSELF Aug 19, 2013.

St. Louis Fixie peeps

Hey everyone! I'm looking for some people to ride with in and around St. Louis. Nothing too crazy, I've been riding from downtown to Forest Park on the reg. I am fairly new to riding fixed gear and I love it. Just looking for some fun people to ride with that don't mind the occasional stop for a cold beer!Thx!Continue

Tags: stlouis, gear, fixed

Started by Nick Pepera in MISC. FIXED GEAR FORUM Aug 16, 2013.

Blog Posts

Ass Savers + Red Hook Crit

Ass Savers has teamed up with the famous Red Hook Crit to create the Red Hook Saver.  

Straight from Ass Savers:

Red Hook Crit started out in Brooklyn as an underground birthday race for its founder David Trimble and has now grown into what we believe is the most progressive racing series in the bicycle world.

Drawing the finest fixed gear racers from all over the globe, this series is unrivaled when it comes to speed, technical skills and adrenalin…


Posted by Fixed Gear Republic on October 4, 2013 at 9:30am

Gear Inch Calc - FREE app for Android

Posted by buffal0b1ll on June 19, 2013 at 6:46pm

Looking for a bike light that works for you?

Check out Velodroom, it's a bike light that turns on with bike movement and switches off one minute after the bike has stopped. No hassle with switches.

Velodroom is available for funding on Kickstarter. View the company page here:…


Posted by Fixed Gear Republic on June 19, 2013 at 9:00am

Before the wheel fitting and styling

Posted by Rasmus Gade on June 9, 2013 at 3:50am




Prolly is not probably

44 Bikes: Victor’s 29+ Creamy Hotness

Kris at 44 Bikes has been making some killer 29+ platform MTBs, the most recent being Victor’s Rohloff-equipped ride. I loved the cream and black paint by Jay Nutini at Circle A Cycles. See more at the 44 Flickr.

The post 44 Bikes: Victor’s 29+ Creamy Hotness appeared first on The Radavist.

Turf Bikes: Word is Bond Full Length

Here’s the latest video from Matt at Wheel Talk Fixed, the feature length for Turf Bikes. Matt, you killed this one!

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State Bicycle Co: 420 Munchies Kit

Check out this 4.20 limited edition kit from the guys at State.

The post State Bicycle Co: 420 Munchies Kit appeared first on The Radavist.

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